Mon 22nd August 2011

After seeing our balloons adorn every supermarket from Lands End to John o’Groats, we had a bit of a problem.“Where do we go now?” The only possible answer was to head across the channel and talk to the nice French folk at the world’s second biggest retailer, Carrefour. Some Anglo-French discussions followed and we were delighted to discover that they were most keen on stocking iLLoom Balloons. Before we could say ‘avez vous un ballon d’iLLoom?’ they had iLLooms draped from the shelves of their grandest ‘hypermarches’.This was a fantastic moment for us. And we’re keen to follow it up. With a bit of luck the European offices of iLLoom’s parent company Seatriever International will soon be opening. Seatriever CEO James Halliburton said: “We always felt we had a product that would appeal to people all over the world and we were right’’.“The European market is certainly one which we are keen to explore’’.“You can expect to see more from us on the continent in the near future.”




So you can buy iLLooms in the world’s third biggest retailer, Tesco, and in the world’s second biggest retailer, Carrefour……………..The only thing left for us to do is secure a deal with the world’s number one, Walmart. So dear followers, that is exactly what we have done. We are delighted to announce that iLLoom is now a direct supplier to Walmart – one of only a handful of UK companies to achieve this. We also have three new offices. Two are in the USA, Atlanta and Akansas to be precise, and one is in China. The Arkansas office is right in the heart of Walmart land, close to where the retail giants have their HQ in Bentonville. This allows us to offer the best possible service to our customers and it also allows our team of dedicated staff to expand our US market share. To top it all off, you will soon be able to pick up an iLLoom or two from 3,000 stores across the US.A beaming James Halliburton said: “This is a massive deal for us’’.“We were really confident from the start that we had something that everyone would want.“But even so, we probably didn’t expect to be securing a deal like this after just two years.”

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the first three years of ILLoom’s life. We’ve seen our balloons in shops on both sides of the channel, and on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We’ve produced balloons with alien faces and pumpkins faces to name but two. But soon, the face of one of the world’s best known cartoon ogres will be found on iLLooms. As part of our deal with Tesco, we have collaborated with Hollywood film giants DreamWorks to create a special range of balloons to mark the launch of ‘Shrekless’, the latest adventure of the green ogre, Shrek. The Shrekless balloons will be on sale in September. But wait, there’s more! We can’t give too much away but let’s just say this won’t be our only venture into the world of the silver screen. Watch this space!

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